Tuesday, October 2, 2007


as noted in a previous post, i mentioned trouble sleeping. i would like to clarify before i give the symptoms of this strange affliction known as SIS.

over time, i must have developed my sister's keen ability to sleep as soon as i meant to. i know over the many years in GA (maybe even beforehand), The Mr. has complained that i fall asleep so easily, while he has to "watch over me". i'm sure it was very helpful to have been a teacher for all that time. that's a profession that just demands sleep. it also causes sleepless nights at times, but that is NOT the same as SIS.

here are some of the symptoms in order to get an accurate diagnoSIS.
  1. SIS can occur without warning, usually during summer months (idle times)

  2. it's usually accompanied by some heavy sighs.

  3. on many occasions, SIS can occur even when your body is very tired.

  4. without feeling much stress, your eyeballs are held open, almost by invisible cartoon toothpicks: you idly watch the clock tick from 12 to 1:24 to 2am.

  5. you aren't thinking of how to save the world, how to get a job, or of a fight that you've had with anyone in your life... you're just wiiiiide awake.

  6. in those hours of alertness, before you get frustrated at the time, you begin to think. oddly, not of anything important. here are some of the inconsequential thoughts you may think of**:
  • jay terrell and jeffrey mangieri (from the 1st grade)
  • coleman hensley
  • eating oats while playing horse
  • the marching band moment known as: sympathetic fallacy
  • a cashier from Publix you barely know
  • remembering some of the oddest dreams you've had in life
  • playing on the rec's playground
  • summer bowling
  • playing "glory of love" at a band concert in the 8th grade
  • remember having worn a dress every day in 5th grade

that's just a smattering of some examples.

**please note: if you think of any of the above people mentioned, and you don't know them, immediately consult a doctor, because i think that's way more serious than Summer Insomnia Syndrome.

it is also worth mentioning that the thoughts of these people are more about the mind's eye, and not always focusing on any meaningful conversation.

the only cure that i'm aware of at this time is to have a job that can keep your mind occupied all day so that you are restful at night.

disclaimer: SIS is not the exact same as insomnia... where you are plagued with thoughts of the day, things you need to get done, regrets you may have, or wishes you could've done differently. nothing productive or insightful manifests from SIS. it is a benign but annoying condition that is usually temporary.

if you, or someone you know, is suffering from this malady, please feel free to comment. we can exchange sympathies...

now----- please stop hogging all the poppies.

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AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

I hate it when that happens. And, being mean, I wake up spouse with a few nudges...on purpose. Saw your comment on Binky Bitch. I read that SAHM = 135k, too. Just waiting impatiently by the mailbox for that check...