Saturday, September 29, 2007

sleep- sleeeeeep-

do you remember that line from Wizard of Oz??? i do. the wicked witch put a spell in the poppies. (incidentally, i went to HS w/ a girl named poppy, & my friend and i used to use the wicked witch voice if ever we needed to speak about her)
i digress....

i have been a longtime sufferer of a scientific* abnormality called:
Summer Insomnia Syndrome (or SIS).
no scientists have been consulted with this made up syndrome. but you know, i have to be worthy of your readership with some intelligence, yes?

i'm not entirely sure the year it began, but i remember it vividly even in high school. I'm not sure exactly how rare SIS is. so, i have not begun any support groups (yet). maybe this blog will be as close as i get.

i remember being amazed- AMAZED- at my sister's talent for going to sleep as soon as her head hit the pillow. we would talk & chat for a minute, 3, sometimes 30. but whenever she was done talking (or whacking me with the curtain rod**), it was without question the most amazing (and annoying) talent.
she would just GO TO SLEEP.
g'nite, laur. g'nite. zzzzzz

ummmmmm. i think that was when i understood what jealousy was all about. i mean, how could she do that? just say goodnight, and there you have it. it was indeed a good night, for she was asleep. **probably tired from all the whacking... a story for another time.

all this began BEFORE i contracted this SIS. she left for college when i was in the 8th grade. it very well could've been the summer before 9th that i came in contact w/ this affliction. lucky me, SIS is seasonal. when school was in session, i generally didn't have much trouble sleeping. but about a week or so into it, the beauty of having freedom bled into the boringness of being bored. around the same time, SIS kicks in.

well, since these days, i'm on perpetual summer......
my sleeping habits have been less than desirable. The Mr. & i are excited if i can just go to bed when he does and actually fall asleep w/in 30 minutes. lately, i've just been staying up whiling away the time on this wide world of webs.

i am once again reminded of my sister as The Mr. so easily falls into a comfortable sleeping pattern.

I now have 2 questions for anyone out there:
  1. any wonder why this problem is named SIS
  2. does anyone have any poppies??????

next post: symptoms to watch out for when diagnosing SIS.

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