Monday, October 1, 2007

D-DAY (does D stand for disappointment??)

well, today's the day i find out if i have a 2nd interview with the non-profit job i've been pursuing... i had hoped that i would have heard early this morning.

i maintain the feeling that tomorrow is the day i concentrate on the "plan b" job...

i was supposed to write about the symptoms of SIS, but here i sit, not able to be funny or creative....

to my plethora [one] of readers-i apologize.
i am stressed on top of sad.
a year ago everything was so very different....

till next time---

updated to add: yeah, still don't know anything. i was asked to do some online assessments. so i guess i will not be going on to plan b so soon.... d stands for diabolical. cuz this waiting is merciless!!!!

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