Friday, September 28, 2007

Tabula Rasa

One thing I remember from my Sociology 201 class is the title of this blog. For some reason, it (and the lecture) somehow stuck with me.
It means: Blank Slate.

That's a great title for my first official post on this blog that likely nobody will find. However, if you did find this blog, I want to say Thank you for coming this far.

My experience with blogging is indeed blank.
I know I have the power to do lots of things with this blog:

Be thought-provoking, share humor, discuss current isssues, discuss future issues, create harmony in the blog world, blahblahblah...

I doubt I have any power to do any of those things.
What I think will happen instead, is that I get some thoughts out of my head & into the great wide world of webs.

I tend to write like I talk... which I have been criticized for a little too often during my years in college.

I will try not to ramble, and be somewhat coherant.

I hope I will learn to become observant (and therefore more interesting),
and I hope that whatever humor I can infuse will be understood by the masses that will eventually read this blog. (You know, because you'll tell a friend, and they'll tell a friend, and they'll tell.......)

Blank Slate-
Everyone is one, until their own experiences begin to shape them.
Much as my blogging experiences will help to shape me.

Wish me luck...

One more thing: I'm not sure if I am breaking some kind of blogging etiquette, but another way I write like I talk- i absolutely hate using caps unless for EMPHASIS. as i said in my first post: "I am NOT a writer".

If this is annoying, or breaking rules- feel free to let me know.
I promise, I can change!

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