Wednesday, October 3, 2007

grey matters

for me the world's issues are not black and white. never have been. no doubt it contributes to my indecisiveness. this comes up from time to time. most recently, i had to take some online assessments for the non-profit job i'm looking into.

i answered more than 200 yes or no questions.

problem is...... well, re-read the first sentence.
i'm about as grey as they come. i can see both sides to everything. i am even grey about the spelling of the word gray!!

when i learned a little more about politics in the 10th grade, i was literally confused about the whole party system. i mean, how in the world can you decide if you're democrat or republican? because with that there are like 100 beliefs... education, gun control, abortion, health policies, environmental policies, etc...

i always had a problem w/ that. b/c what if you believe one way about one issue, and the opposite for another. how do you declare which party you are?? how do you know who to vote for?

and then there's me.... i'm so grey on all kinds of issues. and better still, i flip-flop through them.

so, please don't give me a yes-or-no-there's-no-wrong-answer-just-give-me-your-first-response-kind-of-test. especially when it can determine my job status for the future!

and who develops these tests to evaluate our intelligence??? people who use DOUBLE NEGATIVES. what???
i really wish i had copied some of the test questions. but i'm not kidding when i say a lot of them were like this: [actual test question]
You have never had an argument
  • yes
  • no

nevermind the dumb question--- how in the world do you answer it?? yes- i've never had an argument or no- i've never had an argument. OK now i'm grey on how you can even read that!!!! both ways can say that you have never in your life had an argument. (ok, what???)

i realize it's not the very best example, but several of them used the double negatives.

why couldn't they just say: have you ever had an argument? have you ever had to resolve conflict? have you ever wanted to poke yourself in the eye for answering ridiculous questions for me to judge your employability???

so, not only do i have the issue of not knowing what i feel/how i believe, you throw the confusion in the mix. and for really good measure, they ask the same question more than once, phrase it another way for yet another time, and by the time you know it, you've said yes AND no to the same questions!!!!

so, i'm grey.... fannnnnntastic!

now i know how a zebra feels. he'd rather be a donkey!

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