Wednesday, August 13, 2014

musings of Munich

what a lucky lucky girl I am.  i had another opportunity to travel with The Mr. this past summer.  I can't believe i'm just now getting to writing about it.

The Mr. spent 2 weeks in Munich for work, and i got to join in on the end of his stint.  we had a long weekend together and had a great time.

my fabulous sister came & stayed with the bean a day early so i could change my flight.  turned out we got to watch the US/Germany game play in the World Cup in the Olympic Stadium.  yes it was as awesome as that sounds.  i think the only thing cooler than that would have been had we been in brazil.

my first taste of german food was quite authentic.  first we got a pretzel.  then we got a brat & beer at the game.  we were all decked out in our RedWhite&Blue.  and, even though we lost, it was a great game!  the only downside were the few random jerks who actually had the nerve to Boo! the national anthem.

the next day The Mr. had to work but walked me to a nearby lake & i had lunch and read my book awhile.  we walked to dinner in downtown Unterschleishem at a yummy Indian restaurant & got ice cream afterwards.

saturday we spent the day in Munich center.  walked around Marienplatz & sat at the biergarten in Englischer Garten for most of the day.  it took that long to nurse the giant beers we had.

sunday we got on a train and went to Salzburg.  it was lovely! my first authentic train experience. sadly it rained the whole 24hrs we were there.  but still got to see that Salzburg is quite charming.  i will go back someday in the sun.  after much debate, we decided to go ahead and take the tram up to Untersberg even though it was rainy/foggy.  we were so glad we did. it was a fun(ny) experience. 

finally!  a speck of sun.  too bad this is on our way out...

actual view from tram going up the Alp.  Not to be confused with our Santa Barbara view

back to Munich on Monday to leave on Tuesday.  it was a whirlwind for sure.  i didn't mind.  we came back in time to do 4th of July & bean's birthday.  a relaxing july was had; and school is now back in session!

i look forward to the next opportunity i'll have to take advantage of The Mr.'s free miles!

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Pregnantly Plump said...

That sounds really great and fun! Glad you had such a wonderful time.