Saturday, August 17, 2013

2 weeks ago

i can't believe just 2 weeks ago, i was in another country.
i had the coolest opportunity to visit The Mr. while he was in Ireland for 2 weeks.  it also happened that the weekend i went to visit him was Bank Holiday, so we had 3 whole days together.  he only had to check on work a couple of times.
it was wonderful.

we went to dublin.  and 2 weeks ago today we took a side-trip to nearby Howth.  a quaint fishing village with some spectacular views (and a castle, to boot!)

so glad we took the day to walk up and down and all around this place.  it was the best way for us to see how we all have pictured Ireland.  rolling green hills, castles, water, blue sky....   it was awesome.
the weather was beautiful, even though it did rain a little each day (except the last day) and that just made it more authentic.
coming from georgia at 90+d weather, it was awesome to be somewhere where it was a cool 70.
(although at this very moment, georgia is setting record lows because it is in the 70s here now.  mid-august.  unheard of!!)

we saw Riverdance.  on a whim.  and we are both so so glad we did.  i had no idea it would be like that.  even The Mr. who is not as fond of musicals and performances as i am really enjoyed it.  i came home and showed some of it to the bean from youtube.  that didn't do it justice, but still very awesome.

it was a wonderful trip.  so glad it worked out with all the scheduling.  because then i came home (he followed a few days later) and the next day we had meet the teacher, then monday was school!!
we spent time meandering the streets, seeing the sites, pubbing the pubs, sleeping in (!!) and just enjoying each other's company.
The Mr. has been doing a ton of travel this year, so it was great to finally talk to him uninterrupted.

here are a few of my pictures:
these are all from Howth.

these are from dublin:

this was my view from a cafe where we ate lunch

I couldn't get over that this was built in the 1200's.  200 years before my country was even "discovered".  I had to go and touch it.  also loved that the road went right through it.

we spent some time hanging out on the green.

and we also liked spending time on St. Stephen's Green, a park in downtown Dublin.  a gentleman who talked to me while i was waiting for The Mr. referred to it as "The Queen's Park"

what a lovely time we had.


Pregnantly Plump said...

Wow! It looks so beautiful! I would love to go visit sometime. I am convinced, by the box of red hair color that I buy, that I have Irish ancestry. Glad you guys had such a great trip. And glad the weather was pretty good for you.

ChrisBCrazy said...

oh wow! gorgeous! great photos! soooooo jealous!

Leanne said...

Lovely! Great pictures!!