Monday, September 9, 2013

days 3 & 4

so, again, i've taken 2 half-pills for the past 2 days. 
my side effects these past 2 days are:

headache- 0
dry mouth- 1 (or is it thirst?? i have been exercising the past few days)
nausea- 1ish.  it's not exactly nausea, but more of a tight belly.
insomnia- 0
dizziness- 0

i will also note that even though irritability isn't on the list, the last 2 days have given me less patience & more annoyance.  (which i thought this pill would solve)
admittedly, that may have a lot to do with circumstance & not the medication.  but i did want it noted in case it comes up again.

i exercised today for the first time since being on the pill, since i hadn't had a chance to do so.
i was fairly productive this morning until i sat down.  then i felt my legs go to jelly & have wanted to do less walking around.

i have plans to exercise tomorrow and take a class at the gym that i've been wanting to.
but it will be a very busy morning tomorrow...  i hope my plan will work!

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