Wednesday, September 11, 2013

days 5 & 6

i'm still on the half-pills.
and right now i'm not feeling very well, physically.

i had a moment where i alluvasudden didn't feel good, and then THAT made me have anxiety. 
since that happened this morning, i have just not felt well, and am increasingly getting tired.  though i didn't sleep very well last night, so that doesn't help.

i'm not calling it my medicine just yet. but i am on the lookout with it.  if it keeps continuing, i need to re-evaluate.  but 6 days in i can't imagine is enough to do me in!  (3 pills)

headache- 0
dry mouth- 0
nausea- 2
insomnia- 0
dizziness- 2

1 comment:

Angella said...

Oh, lady. Hang in there. xoxo