Wednesday, September 18, 2013

day 13

there's not a whole lot to report w/ any side effects, but i thought i would write a little about it.
since my last episode- i haven't really had that same feeling. (well, certainly not to the same extent)
however, since The Mr. has been gone, i decided to stay on the half-pill course until someone can be here if i wig out again.  Dr. New Guy said that sounded like smart thinking.

it didn't stop me from driving 3hrs to & from g'ville with the bean.  i was slightly nervous coming home because my cell died & i didn't bring my charger.  so i had to keep any anxiety at bay since there'd be no way to contact anyone if anything dire happened.

so i don't feel any immediate effects.
but- i'm 1) on a half pill,  and 2) a world away from The Mr.

as for the other side effects:
headache- 1
dry mouth- 0
nausea- 1
insomnia- 0
dizziness- 0

 i've had a few instances of just feeling annoyed.  i'm blaming long days or hectic times & not having a lot of time to talk with The Mr. for so long.
we'll see if things even out in the next week or so with that...

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