Thursday, March 1, 2012

there's an "I" in FAIL

i'm pretty discouraged right now.

because i have not been feeling well for the past six weeks, that has affected a lot of my 2012 goals.
this is the first year i even made goals.
and i only did that because i had a lot to look forward to, and looking back at 2011 was neat.

all of my exercise goals are lagging.
i have been extremely fatigued, headachy, nauseous & yucky for several weeks. there have been other strange symptoms that have crept up over the weeks as well.
we have found that even though i feel horrible without exercising, exertion only exacerbates the situation.
-- case in point, i ran 1.4 miles on sunday and had a perpetual headache until i went to sleep on monday night. this is not the only 24hr+ headache i've endured.

i did finish the first butts & gutts class; but had to get a refund for the class currently in progress.

i did not make the 30miles in 30 days; i was 4miles shy.
i am choosing not to run my first 10k next week; even though i did have some good runs... some up to 6 miles!

i did cash in one groupon for the body wrap; but called in sick for yesterday's. of course, i see no progress. but in all fairness; with not feeling well, it's been harder to eat better and exercise.

as for the birthday present for The Mr., due to issues that i can't control, that may be put on the wayside as well. but we can talk about that later as it gets closer.

i'm so frustrated with all of this.
it seems that i'm the only person on the planet who begins to exercise as we all should, and it makes it worse!

went to the doctor today for bloodwork (!!!!) and so now, we wait.
some more.
and until then......


you can't spell fail without the i


Leanne said...

Oh dear. This is hard. Here's hoping the blood work finds something simple and you're feeling better soon!

Pregnantly Plump said...

I'm so sorry. It is hard to do anything when not feeling well. But I think running 26 miles in a month is very impressive! I used to get the worst headaches. It turned out my allergies were a whole lot worse than we realized. I hope the bloodwork comes back with some info.