Friday, November 4, 2011

another new symptom?

i haven't been posting as much as i thought i would have, or would have liked. i'm not exactly sure why that is. we've been pretty busy the past month or so!
guess that'll do it.

overall, things are okay. there were some times mixed in the past few months that have been exceptional (my birthday weekend being one of them!) and some times that were very very blah. apathetic. i guess you could call it depression-lite.

i'm still taking my meds. though, admittedly, i haven't had them each day for one reason or another. don't get me wrong- for the most part i do take them. but if i'm out or busy right then (usually cooking) i end up forgetting. there have been a coupla days where i had forgotten and then consciously decided to just skip the day. no particular reason, really- they don't bother me. not positive they help completely, but they don't seem to be hindering anything.

all of this has led me to conclude that i'm fairly certain of another strange "symptom".
i did let my therapist know ( but she's not a medical doctor, though).
so i mentioned my heart raced a few times. that has all seemed to subside. but something else i feel pretty much nightly is a different heart-thing. because i'm always equipped with "weird" maladies, i guess i only know to call it a tickle-pressure.
maybe the best way to explain it is how you suppress a cough when you're in a quiet room and don't want to disturb others. you know that feeling you get where it tickles and has a pressure on your throat before you give in to it. that is pretty much the feeling i get in my heart (or more likely my lungs) almost every night.

it doesn't hurt. it's..... well, i guess more annoying than anything.

it's been going on for months. basically nightly. however, i am about 90% certain it only occurs on the evenings i do remember to take my pill.
and it only happens when i lie down to go to bed. when i roll over to my side. (it doesn't matter which one). then it lasts for just a few minutes. no big deal, really. annoying mostly. the "cure" is to straighten up, or again, sit up straight as the other heart issue was cured.

so i guess i'm just not sure what to do with this information........
i don't have any visit scheduled with the doctor anytime soon. and really? shall i pester for something so minor? me and my weird body troubles.
see--- i'm doin it wrong.


Pregnantly Plump said...

I think you should tell your doctor. Maybe it's a different type of racing heart? You have to lie down to go to sleep. It's not like that's something you can avoid.
Sorry the medicine doesn't seem to really be doing anything.

Leanne said...

Happy Birthday...belated, but sincere anyways. And I say if it's bothering you enough to blog about it, then you should call - heck, that's what they get paid for!