Thursday, April 1, 2010

april fool

April 1, 2002- i went and had a fitting to get contacts. after spending over an hour in there trying to get the damn things in, i left. the lady was horrible! (not the dr. but the, well, i don't know WHAT her job was. she wore a white coat, though. does that count for anything?) i kept telling her this wasn't working. did she have any other suggestions about how to poke myself in the eye with a contact? i left & continued to try at home. i repeated & repeated my mantra of "walk down the aisle w/ no glasses. wear sunglasses in Paris"... to no avail. so the next day, i went back, and whassherface was even more rude to me, and while i was in the room trying to do this, i heard her loudly talk to someone about what an idiot i was.

argh! thanks to my friend at the time who gave me a pointer or 2 about how to insert them. i finally got them in, and only saw that jerkhole lady a few more times when having to order or update my RX.

makes me wonder if that lady has anything to do with the fact that they are now CLOSED.

April 1, 2008- while 6 months pregnant with thelittlebean, i went to my regular visit with our doctor. & was admitted to the hospital. of course, it all turned out to be just fine, but that was NOT the dr.'s visit i was quite expecting.

today: April 1, 2010- i have an appointment to get something waxed. i've done my eyebrows through the years. no BIG deal. but um, today... well, i'm gonna go a little more south. like all the way south a la brazil. ohmigod i'm flippin out! let's hope there's nothing foolish to come out of THIS day!

oh, and The Mr., if you're reading this--- guess i just blew a surprise!

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Pregnantly Plump said...

You are so funny! Hope everything went well. I attempted waxing my legs once and it was an experience made for sitcoms!