Thursday, March 11, 2010

i want to post

really, i do.
oftentimes i think of this lonely blog. & i want to dust the cobwebs off the site and post again.
and i go to do just that, and one of several things happen. such as:
  1. little bean wakes up from her nap about a half-hour too early.
  2. i can't think of anything great to say
  3. i can't think of anything to say
  4. i begin to think of something to say & LB comes over and quietly begs for my attention. i have the luxury of staying home with her. i really don't want to neglect her so i can play on the computer. (as i am currently doing)
  5. i stare blankly at whatever it is i'm looking at on the internet and say to myself: "get off the damn computer. you're bored. nothing's getting accomplished. go do something productive."

truth is- i'm feeling a little overwhelmed these days.

i am truly glad that i do not do Facebook & Twitter! because i feel overwhelmed just at the amount of emails i have unread in my inbox. and, sadly, it's not because i'm so popular. these are (mostly) the baby emails that i subscribed to way back when thelittlebean was exactly just that. along with another set of emails i have been getting since, i dunno- 1999?? that i have now pretty much realized i can just *delete* with no problem.

why not unsubscribe? for the baby emails, sometimes i read something that may be useful one day, and i hope that i'll actually remember that info when the time comes. many of them don't interest me, but since their subject lines rarely give way to what's in them, i feel like i need to open them to see.... just in case.

i also have quite a few recipe emails that are sent to me. if you know me personally, i understand if you just laughed out loud at that one. usually i can open, see that everything is made with normal things most people would love (ie: veggies, cream cheese, sour cream....) & i can instantly delete. but occasionally, i find one that interests me. i click the recipe, go to the site & then add it to my favorites. and never look at them again.

and, as far as the other emails, i don't unsubscribe from those because sometimes (read: rarely) they lead me to something quite useful. for fear of missing out, i would just rather clutter & delete.

ohmigod, y'all--- i am an information whore.


El Cheese said...

I'm the same way. Most the time I have nothing to blog about so I do everything I can to push the nagging thought of having not blogged in awhile. As for facebook, i LOVE LOVE LOVE it. for multiple reasons, if not just to get a break to myself from the kids for a few minutes and be in my own world :-)

Tom said...

I think you're thinking about it too much, Michelle. haha.

FB is easy, it's about social networking overall (be it kids, high school pals, games you mutually play, etc)... it's connecting people to people, it's not a bigger version of

Anyway, can't explain it until you get into it and the interface, but it's fun to see what's going on with lots of people and it's a 100 times easier to do and keep up with than blogs - which saddens me because I like my blog and it's 7 years of history now... so I try to keep up with it but whole weeks worth of stuff gets lost because I don't update it because I'm on FB... haha.