Friday, May 29, 2009

spilled beans

it's no secret that i love surprises! when i was pregnant with littlebean, there were a few ultrasounds that i was adamant about reminding them that we didn't want to know if it was a boy or a girl.
when i was younger, i would help my sister out by wrapping my own christmas gifts. she'd have all the boxes w/ our names on them & never once would i peek. i knew once i did, the fun of it would be over.

The Mr. is fantastic at keeping surprises for me. he's been privy to both a wedding & a baby shower on my behalf. he has given me surprises of his own over the years.

and i guarantee i can keep a secret myself. i know how horrible it would be to ruin someone's surprise.

yet i've done that, too. by accident. 3 times.
twice to the same man. (ouch!)
me & my big mouth.

i will admit total fault to one of them. i just didn't think things through.

the three times that i have spilled the beans:
  1. an assistant manager at piggly wiggly where i worked & his wife were expecting their first child. his parents were friends of my family growing up, and oftentimes they would come into the store and shop through my line. they learned of the good news because i had congratulated them. oops! but, really- how was i supposed to know that a mere cashier would know about this days/weeks before his parents!?!
  2. i also told them on another shopping trip that this manager had finally gotten his own store. oops. completely my fault. this time.
  3. sadly, i told my best friend's brother that their dad was having health problems. it had been several weeks (months??) when i casually asked him how his dad was doing. confused, he answered "fine". when i delved a little deeper, it was apparent he had no idea of the issue. i still feel plagued by this one from time to time.

The Mr. says i have a big mouth. in these instances, i guess i do. but really i'm a loyal secret-keeper myself.

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Pregnantly Plump said...

When I was in high school, one of my co-workers was proposed to at a local concert. On Monday, I ran in excited with the news and asked our other co-workers if she said yes. Um, I broke the news for her to everyone, and she didn't even hear the proposal from the stage. She was ready to leave the concert and her boyfriend couldn't get her to stay. Oh well. I think that's my biggest foot in mouth, although I'm sure there are many more. I tend to forget what's a secret and what's not.