Wednesday, May 13, 2009

actual conversation with The Mr. mother's day was nice. The Mr.'s parents were in town to see how much littlebean has grown (and flourished). after they left on sunday, we went and grabbed an ice cream. ok, i was the only one eating the ice cream, but yummy. it was my first cone in over 10mos. i promised LB that when she's older, we'll be sure to go more often.

anyway, i got some sweet cards and a nice gift.
but it was odd, because the week prior to them coming, The Mr. mentioned needing to call his dad. which he never does. he wanted them to bring hedgeclippers or something. and when i suggested emailing, he said, "i'll call him tonight"....

flashforward to sunday night, and witness a conversation between The Mr. & me:
  • Me: can i tell you something without you thinking i'm judging? (great convo opener, huh? try it sometime.)
  • Mr: sure.
  • Me: i'm NOT saying that you should've, or that i wanted you to get Clemson for me, but i was surprised that you didn't, is all.
  • Mr: ??? ok?
  • Me: I thought you were going to...
  • Mr: why?
  • Me: well, it's just that a few days ago, you mentioned needing to call your dad instead of emailing. on the same night i was going out to dinner.
  • Mr: oh, ok.
  • Me: and then, when you didn't call & yesterday you said you had to call your mom right around the time they'd be leaving, but not right then because you were feeding LB and you needed 2 hands (???)...
  • Mr: i was feeding her.
  • Me: no, i know. but i thought you were making an excuse b/c i was around. you ended up calling them when i was upstairs getting dressed.
  • Mr: yeah. hmmm.
  • Me: so since you never call them, i assumed it was b/c you had to get Clemson sent to them b/c obviously you couldn't send him here if you were surprising me, since i'm home all day. and also because you knew i didn't buy him & there was only one left.
  • Mr: right. funny.

so Monday, The Mr. left for a business trip, and what gets delivered?? yes. Clemson. HA. it was already on the way.....

so, see- he's excellent at gift giving AND surprises! i think i'll keep him.


Pregnantly Plump said...

I'm glad you got Clemson! And bravo to him for not giving away the surprise!

Lainey-Paney said...