Sunday, February 10, 2008


is anyone still here?
i can't believe how hard it's been to post lately.

1 problem- the biggest.... I'm seriously busy now at work/after work.
when i have meetings, i have to travel an hour one way to get there. so i come home around 8:30. that's 12 hours. no big deal. i did that tons while teaching. but i never taught and blogged. so by the time i get home, it's just enough time to say hi to The Mr, grab a bite and watch a show we needed to catch up on.
I didn't even read my blogs this week. so yesterday i spent some time catching up on some of them...

2nd problem- i knew this would happen.... now that i'm pregnant; that's taking up a lot of my thought-space. so i don't have a lot to say & this isn't the blog for that (much).

i do have a few things i could say, but again, go back to #1 & that takes some thought i just don't always have time to form.

so- don't give up on me. not yet. i ain't done here.
no hiatus. no break. just no daily revelations... i'm still here, tho.
thanks for stickin w/ me....

talk to you soon.


Pregnantly Plump said...

I completely understand about having a full plate at work, being pregnant, and trying to blog. And you aren't just trying to blog at one place, you've got two going. That's very understandable. I hope you're feeling well.

mpotter said...

i'm feeling just great.
i'll be sharing that on littlebean's blog, but The Mr's is so funny, i had to wait a coupla days before sharing.

thanks for stopping by.