Thursday, February 14, 2008

happy valleytimes day

for whatever reason, my mom donned The Mr. as "Mr. Romantic".
had i any balls whatsoever, i would've exclaimed WTF???
instead i asked her on at least 2 occasions about this nickname. she's not like The Mr.... she wasn't very sarcastic. When i finally figured out she was serious, i had to question it. for the longest time i totally thought she was joking.
as in calling a fat guy "slim" or a bald guy "harry"

(my sis even mentioned his nickname in an early comment on littlebean's blog)

she was serious.
so i say to you: WTF??? (apparently it's easier to grow balls w/ y'all)

tho i do have The Best Husband of Bunko... Mr. Romantic he's not.

the only thing i got outta my mom in my questioning was that he's always holding me, and holding my hand. ummmmmmmmm ??????????? what she means is that i'll request his hand, & he allows me to hold his finger. sometimes.

basically he doesn't push me down when i put my arm around him.

guess she had high standards.

lest he read this & think i'm mad or hating him....
he absolutely is the BHoB.
he has his own "love language" & that's "acts of service"... he does that like no other! he takes care of me & the kittens, and pretty soon littlebean.
he's extremely thoughtful that way.

.........i hope you all enjoy YOUR valentine.
i may B&M sometimes, but i wouldn't trade him for the world!

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