Tuesday, February 19, 2008


i decided to invent a word.
it's a combination of music & nostalgia.

i've pretty much always known that music was such a big part of my memories... but i never coined a term for it. and i never gave it too much thought.

till now.

because i'm pregnant??

certain songs bring me back to my past. i know that's not unusual. my sis used to think my memory was crazy b/c of it (among other things) but, really, i know i'm not the only one who can say ........ oh that was 1983. it helps that the year ended in the grade i was in; thus 3rd grade

i vividly remember getting ready for school once when i heard "you dropped a bomb on me". i vividly remember singing "big ol' carolina" instead of steve miller's "jet airliner" also sang some other songs funny, or had memories tied to them.

however, i'm noticing now -more than ever- i crave old songs. (i'm even listening to the cheese station!!! the one where delilah comes on at night) i think it's b/c i'm having a littly soon. music is happy for me. and, boy, our littlebean will know some obscure music- especially for the peers!

i fully intend to buy some music from my old days- just so i can re-sing those songs to my baby. not b/c of any great or deep meaning. they weren't even necessarily my favorite; but i remember listening to the records over & over. i'm sure nobody here (all 2 of you) have ever heard of Music Machine or Bullfrogs & Butterflies but our kid will. for no reason other than that just brings me back!

i have been known to rip out "have patience" in my slow voice a time or 2. and i can't wait to remember the others!


Pregnantly Plump said...

I've always been a big fan of oldies, because that's what my parents listened to when I was growing up. I think my range of music is nice and varied because of that, so littlebean will have a nice wide range of music to draw on. I also use music to date times in my life. "Let's hear it for the boy" makes me think of my first crush and our whole class dancing to the song in the gym at P.E.

Amy said...

Hey mpotter! I went to high school with your Mr. and found your blog on Lil Nate's blog...Hope that you are feeling well with your pregnancy...My blog is private, but would love to invite you, send your email to amy_sheppard@bellsouth.net

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