Sunday, February 3, 2008

self- centered

we're gonna watch the superbowl w/ some friends.
while making plans, we mentioned how we won't stay for the end of the game; and i don't know when i ever saw a whole game before.

then i remarked (as i normally would in this conversation) how silly it is to not have superbowl sunday on saturday instead; since everyone has to go to work on monday. and not only that, why is the game always on so late??? 6:30? it could be a noon game.

then my friend, who spent most of her life in phoenix (and not on the east coast) reminded me of the time difference. do californians really want superbowl to start at 8am??

i'm a self-centered punk.

anyway--- go team!
have no idea who i care to win. not a fan of either.
both teams would have some history to be made... patriots for the truly undefeated season. (what is that? the 2nd time??) and if giants win, that's cool that the manning brothers could both say they won back-to-back.

enjoy your super sunday!
with super food.

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Pregnantly Plump said...

So I was invested in the game. I'm a huge Colts fan, but also like the Giants whenever they aren't playing the Colts. (Eli played for Ole Miss, and looks just like one of my cousins!) It was a truly great game -- one of the best I've ever seen. I was so happy for the Giants.