Friday, January 25, 2008

careful for what you wish for

finally, work isn't boring anymore. no more staring/reading the computer tons & tons of information. (i can't remember where i read things i need to know there's so many websites & places to visit)

we're in the beginning of what is usually called "relay season"
If you know anything about Relay For Life, this is the time my 4 counties are having their "kickoff" parties. If you don't know anything about Relay For Life, i hate to say you're missing out.

Relay season typically runs full-swing from Jan-June, w/ events normally occuring in may or late april. however since i have readers from all over the US, each region is different. but i can almost guarantee there is a RFL in your area.

some of the counties i have are pretty podunk themselves. so it's not just for metropolises. (that's a fun word)

Relay For Life is the signature fundraising event for the American Cancer Society.
(RFL belongs to ACS).
it's a fundraiser that helps to fund the research & programs that are in your community. RFL is about celebrating, remembering, & fighting back!
the 2 most poignant parts of the event are the survivor/caregivers' lap & the luminaria ceremony.

it's a fun-filled event where you get to camp out w/ your coworkers, friends, family....whomever you've formed a team with. staying all night signifies the journey a cancer patient goes thru---- from diagnosis to (hopefully) remission.

it's a great event. and i'm not just saying that cuz i work for ACS.

my fam's began relaying while i was in college. b/c i was in college, i pretty much missed it, or babysat for my sister karen while she stayed all night and the kids didn't have to.

but when i began teaching, we formed a team and i've done it all 7 years. i was team captain for 4. it's a great way to have fun w/ your friends while giving back to a great cause.

um, i didn't mean to sound like a commercial. believe me, ACS has no idea i have a blog so i'm not doing this b/c i "have to".....
if you care about more information, is a great site to visit.

happy relaying!
and, now you see why i've been a little absent (and missed not one, but TWO Thurs 13s!!!)

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Lainey-Paney said...

Happy Relay Season.