Wednesday, January 11, 2017

tiger pride!

*** below is a post that i began, and apparently never published from Jan 2016

what a fun an exciting time it's been this football season.
and right now it's all clemson all up in here!

you don't know how close i was to trying to find a way to the BIG game!

clemson has had a lot of lucky breaks this season which has propelled them to #1.  they were #1 way sooner than i thought they should; sooner than i felt was deserved (b/c of all the luck).
i am so proud that after watching them in the Peach Bowl i can honestly say that was one helluva game.  a well-earned and much deserved win!

i have said from the beginning when there was a glimmer of hope that we would make it to the National Championship-  it was a speck of a glimmer, really- "we can't beat alabama!"

i was hoping someone else would have by now so we would be facing someone else....
but alabama has it's own set of interesting for this game.  it will be one helluva fight.
but i am not discounting it.

if fan-dom could win a game, i know we would win hands down.  bama takes this thing for granted.  there aren't people lining up on overpasses to cheer on their buses.  when they announced the final 4 teams, we were having a pizza party and it was pretty quiet over there with saban.

i hope that when we become a championship team (meaning, we get to this game several times; win divisions, etc) we won't be "over and done" with it.
it's 1,981 miles to the stadium in Arizona.  Let's hope we can bring it home!


TRULY amazing that i can say DITTO.  strike Peach Bowl and insert Fiesta Bowl.  take out the sentence of "we can't beat alabama" because i was immensely proud of how we handled Clemson/Bama version1.0
in fact THIS time around i felt way more confident.  even though our season didn't seem to be as good.  (not just because we weren't number one; and we did have one loss).

last year we had so many lucky breaks.  same again.
but we so earned it all.
so does every other team out there.
and if anyone watched the national championship this year, it was truly incredible.  but this year, instead of running out of time; we stayed til' the very. last. second!

i'm amazed.

this season alone, we beat all of the college champions who have been it for the past 7 years.  auburn, florida state, ohio state & alabama.

Auburn was our opening game.  on their turf.  historically a difficult stadium to play in as a visiting team.  WE DID IT.

Florida State- our in conference rival- on their turf.  especially difficult.
WE DID IT.  first time in a decade that we won at their stadium!

Ohio State was the Fiesta Bowl playoff. WE DID IT.
Urban Meyer has only lost 3 bowl games in his whole career.  Dabo Swinney gave him 2 of those losses.  Clemson & OSU have faced each other three times in history.  We are undefeated.  Oh! and let's not forget that for the first time in his 194 games, Urban Meyer scored zero.

Alabama- we have met with them 17 times.  Previously we had lost the last 13. WE DID IT.  the last time we beat Bama was in 1905. The same year Einstein published his theory of relativity.
Oh! and this is the first time in 97 games where Alabama had the lead of more than 10 points in the 4th quarter that Nick Saban lost the game.

That game!- man! it could & did go either way.
I'm just incredibly proud,happy,excited,elated,amazed&giddy that FINALLY it went OUR way!

i also find it amazing that dabo is the only coach in history to win the national championship both as a player AND as a coach!

OH and if you wanna know a bunch of other fun tidbits about clemson.......

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