Tuesday, February 10, 2015


this is the umpteenth post i've thought about writing.
i just never do because i can't formulate my thoughts complete enough.

i'm still here.

and speaking of umpteenth, i am starting yet another medication.
ohmygod the ups and downs!
finally found something that more or less worked, but the side effects are such that Dr. NewGuy wants me off. and to begin something ELSE.
this is like my 6th medication?????  
holy hell.

generally speaking, things have been fine.  in the last month i've felt a little more up than down.  the holidays came and went and were fun.  i thrive in that busy time of fun!

since i wrote last, i turned 40 and had a wonderful blast with some of my closest girlfriends in a mountain house.  so now plans are being made to do a mother/daughter trip late this summer. 
other plans are being made for spring break and summer.....  things are nice right now.

i'm disgruntled at the newest medicine.  i will fill it and begin later this week.....
hope to be back to document!

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Pregnantly Plump said...

Happy late birthday! I hope the new medicine works without bad side effects.