Monday, February 23, 2015

daily grateful

i would like to try to get back into this- even if it's short and uncomprehensible....

i am in fear that my motivation is still not where it needs to be; maybe i try this umpteenth medication- i haven't yet just because.

i want to focus on so many things- and that's usually my problem.
maybe if i start kicking my ass more. like i used to.

so for now i'm hoping to start a daily grateful....
there is SO much.  and i really am aware of much of it.  but hopefully if i write something down, that can be my positive.

this one came to me yesterday:
while i was napping (:

it came with a piece of her valentine's candy and a big smile.
i thought the note was sweet enough.  i love those 3 little smileys she drew! ha!! 
and sorry to burst all y'all's bubbles that i am the best mommy.  she tells me this constantly!!

maybe one day i'll believe her (:

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Pregnantly Plump said...

That's very sweet! I only get sweet notes if teachers make them do them at school. Last night, while directing the play, one of the little girls wrote me three notes about how much she loved me. I told Little Elvis and Baby Plum to encourage more love. They were not impressed. Guess I won't be getting any sweet notes. Glad your daughter doesn't have to be encouraged to show the love.