Sunday, April 7, 2013

lucky girl

greetings from Salt Lake City, Utah!
i keep reminding myself to enjoy every minute of it because not many people have a Mr. like mine
he is going to find out even more of what i go thru while he travels extensively for his job.  because he will have little girl for much longer (almost double on a normal week) than i do;  and he is also going to be working his job for the most part of it.

i have tremendous friends that are helping out one day b/c he has a meeting to get to.

i am currently looking out of my hotel window with a view of a mountain.  not too shabby.
and when i go to the other side of the hotel where the elevator is, i see gorgeous snow-covered mountains over there, too!

i happen to be here on the weekend of the large conference the Mormons hold.  my friend Christina liked my term i used for my adventures into the city last night.  "swarmon"  as in swarming mormons.  so while i was trying to find a place to eat before my retreat officially starts with orientation tonight, so were all the many people of LDS faith.  also passed a few other people who wanted to antagonize the LDS belief system.

i have today to putz around.  reading in bed & watching a movie in a theater is in my agenda!!  wow!  and tomorrow, at 6am (bright eyed and bushy-tailed optional), i will begin my time here where i can only imagine how exhausted i will feel at the end of each day.

i'm so fortunate that The Mr. has allowed me to take a vacation from life! 
i'm very hopeful for the outcome.

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Pregnantly Plump said...

Hope you have a great time! Which movie did you pick? I hope it was enjoyable.