Tuesday, July 3, 2012

through the trees

my BFF & i went for our 3rd annual girls' trip weekend over a week ago.  we had a blast in Asheville, NC.  
we stayed at the swanky Hotel Indigo, ate some yummy food, had great adult conversations (and beverages) without interruptions.  had the best massages either of us have ever had before at Sensibilities Day Spa, a nice ride up the blueridge parkway to Mt. Pisgah.

however, the whole weekend was kicked off in style by flying through the trees at Navitat.
if you hold your computer (or neck) sideways, this is the most decent video i was able to take.  i had my camera strapped to all my gear, so it was flying willy-nilly.... as was i.

i recommend it!  it was scaryhellfun.
in fact, The Mr. and i are definitely considering adding the Wrightwood CA location to our trip we're taking in the fall.

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