Tuesday, June 19, 2012

lying like a teenager

yesterday, while on a playdate, littlegirl lied to me.

kids lie.
i know. 
they lie to avoid being in trouble.  they lie b/c they believe their fantasy world to be true.  sometimes they lie to see how it works.

BUT i had no idea that a ~4 year old would know how (or even think to) lie on behalf of someone else.  without prompting yesterday, she lied to me to keep the other girl out of trouble.  and she was pretty adamant.  even vouched the other girl's story.

we knew both the girls were lying, and finally the other kid admitted to her lie.

ohmigod-  i'm not sure i'm gonna be able to handle her later if she's already acting like a teenager now!  i've been joking for years (yes, years) that she thinks she's a teenager b/c she is not at all into trying to please The Mr. or me.  and she learned way too early how to answer the question "how was your day?" with a "not the stuff that i did"  [which was her cute way of saying, i don't wanna talk about it]  which grew into "it's a surprise."  or "i will tell you after..."  or the ever favorite "i don't remember".   

don't remember?  this kid has proved many a time she has the memory of an elephant.

nobody teach her the eye roll.  i'm really not in the mood for the dramatics quite yet!

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Leanne said...

Oh dear. I have nothing to offer to help, except maybe to remind you that around 18 they do move out.... :)