Wednesday, December 14, 2011

one for "the couch"

i'm pretty sure my therapist would love to know that positive thinking usually backfires on me. i'm so mired in negative thoughts about all things mpotter, that even when i do try to be positive- the negative occurs.

most recent case in point:

today, before my run i said "this run is going to be GOOD. it's perfect weather. i had a great workout yesterday. i had a terrific run on saturday. this will be great!"

instead, i had on OK first half. then the second half didn't work out so well. tired legs (from "great workout") and bad pacing to give me breath-cramps forced me to walk a few times, and i didn't end up doing my full route.



Leanne said...

Not Grrrr. It's Christmas, so it's a Bah Humbug. Sorry, the run went bad.

whatsabocki said...

in my experience, too many factors have to go "just-so" in order for any run to be considered GOOD. most runs hurt or are BAD!!! glad you did it anyway :) Fa la la la la.

Pregnantly Plump said...

It's still good that you went out and ran. You got your body moving, which is better than a lot of us -- even when not pregnant, I don't like to run. I have friends who love it and say it clears their minds. I never did enjoy it. Hopefully it let you clear your mind some?

Angella said...

Aw, I hate when a run goes bad. Hope your next one was great. :)

Happy New Year!