Thursday, July 14, 2011

day 14

i intended to write a "better" post considering i'm 2 weeks in. but i can't really muster my thoughts right now.
i know, i know.... you're waiting with bated breath.
as if.

still, this is really for me to document for my next month's checkup. it'd be nice to know i had some thoughts other than stats to share.
hopefully i'll think with more clarity this weekend.
it's been a loooong week.

drowsiness: 2 because i'm averaging out a 1 in the day and a 3 in the evening.
insomnia: 0. i actually got the best sleep i'd had in WEEKS last night. (pre-celexa as well)
dry mouth: 1- but is it a good sign that i have literally only had one glass of milk & a half glass of water after i sweated it out at the park to drink today so far? maybe it's also worth mentioning that my appetite has been less this week. The Mr. being gone may have had something to do with that; but then, sometimes when he's traveled, i'd had voracious appetites. hmmm
libido: 2.5- middle of the road.
nausea: 1- i've actually had so little to eat today; but i will say after the 5 teddy grahams i had, i felt a little nauseous.

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Pregnantly Plump said...

I'm glad you slept well. Getting enough sleep makes a huge difference -- at least it does for me. I'm groggy and impatient when I don't get enough sleep.