Tuesday, July 12, 2011

day 12

drowsiness: surprisingly low- a 2. this morning, though, it was a 5. and i slept relatively well.

insomnia: surprisingly low- a 1.5. i had to get the bean at i think 2am b/c of a nightmare, but otherwise seemed to sleep well & soon after. however, she woke up promptly at an early 6am to use the potty (twice, actually) so she never went back to sleep. the "rule" is not to get up before 7 but she kept going to the potty and needing my help. maybe that had to do with the high drowsy this morning.

nausea: 0

libido: moot

dry mouth: 1

so today, i'm fairly symptom-less. i'm also alone & listening to an all out tantrum at the moment. oh. you hear it too?
i will say that my good eating habits are more difficult to attend to while i have less people to cook for. plus we've been busy with swim lessons in the PM and today we had her 3yo checkup so we still haven't gotten to the store. i hope that all doesn't come back to haunt me.

in any case, i need to come back to this post to see if this will be a trend of "getting better"

but really, it usually does just come and go. maybe this is just a "go"?

let's hope not.

(oh and having her be THREE.... um! wow. that's depressing enough. if you haven't yet checked out her birthday video, i'd love for you to).

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