Friday, February 25, 2011


there was a time in my life when i used to honestly say that i had no regrets. even though there may have been things in my life that would likely elicit some regret, i felt i had none. i always said that those experiences have all shaped me to be who i was.

ohmigod- i know; right?
slap me.

1- wouldn't it be great to say the same even now, and
2- um, it's not like i really ever liked who i was.


Ashley said...

Hey mpotter! How weird. I was just reading Playgroups are No Place for Children, and I saw your name in the comments to the last post. I thought, "hmm...I wonder if this is the mpotter I know? Clemson mpotter? Ben Ruf's mpotter? So I clicked on the link to your blog, and sure enough it is! (this is ashley maness, by the way.) It's great to "see" you. I hope you and the family are doing well. I will have to start keeping up with your blog now, too. :) Please tell Ben Ashley and Brian said hello.

mpotter said...

oh, wow!
hi ashley!
that is very cool. small world! i'm so glad you stopped in.

not sure if you'll "get this" comment, but i couldn't find a way to email you back!

we also have a blog for jovie. you should stop by there, too. (it's way more up to date!)
click the link to the left for Little Bean's blog.

hope you guys are doing well.
how FUN.

ashley said...

oh, good. i will have to read it and catch up on what you guys have been up to. i've started a blog, too. it's really supposed to be more for work purposes, but i think it is going to morph into a blog about will. i should probably take it off my work site. anyway, you can find it at