Tuesday, February 8, 2011

good enough

i am trying to accept being an adult. (grrr)
in so doing, i voluntarily went for a physical (read: bloodwork!)
i was only doing it because i'd never had one done. the only cholesterol check i'd ever had was more than a decade ago.

i didn't really expect anything to come out of these results, but was interested in seeing some of these numbers.

well, i hate/detest/despise/fear needles. but i put my big-girl panties on and went "all by myself!" (i can hear littlebean saying those exact words in my head right now).
and when i got the results back, i was amazed at alllllll the millllllions of things they "test".
incidentally, they did not test my iron. i didn't know there was a big push for knowing potassium levels and other random stuff like that. but iron? that one should've been on there. luckily (or unluckily, i guess) that gets tested every year at my other (girlie) appointment.

anyway... of all the zilllllion little numbers and odds & ends on the report, everything was in the normal range. there may have been a couple of things that were in the upper parts. but there wasn't anything on there that my doc suggested i curb/watch out for/etc...

all is well.

so, see, y'all--- a diet riddled with kraft deluxe & doritos is JUST FINE. my veggie "heyday" has been over for, oh, about 2 1/2 years now. and though i really like most fruits, i still don't eat them. and for some reason or another, i have managed to bypass whatever whole grain bread i've had in the house for the past few months.

i guess that's good enough!

i'll probably wait another 36 years to have my next physical (read: bloodwork!)

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Pregnantly Plump said...

Glad you're healthy! I don't like check-ups, mainly because I don't like being weighed.