Thursday, September 10, 2009

96 & 97 explained

i thought it might be fun to expound on some of my list of 100. (who am i kidding? i need some ideas)
so, #96 & 97 go somewhat hand-in-hand:

The Mr. & i are about to celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary. we got married in my hometown- columbia, SC, home of the Gamecocks. it happened to be a BIG game weekend. at "home". which seriously pissed off a sister of mine. and caused a ruckus among others. traditionally, the USC/UGA game is pretty big. always competitive. and that was the weekend we had the audacity to get married.

silly us, we consulted our calendars & our ideas of when a nice wedding could be. we took advantage of the brand-new calendar my school system adopted for that year which gave us a week off in september. [incidentally, of the times of year we were looking at marrying, the summer was NOT one of them. i was adamant that my profession shouldn't dictate when i should get married... especially b/c i HATE to be hot. c'mon--- summer wedding in the south? yikes!]
we did not look into local sporting schedules.

had we done that, i bet more of my family would've enjoyed our wedding reception for what it was. and not sat in the hotel bar (with our free booze, i will add) watching carolina play georgia on tv. [i'm not sure... but i think GA won that year. i never really wanted to keep up with knowing. guess i coulda asked my friend who wore his damn earphones during the reception]

had we consulted the carolina home schedule, some of my family members would've been more concerned at the torrential downpour that was occuring (and ruining our plans for post-pictures) in regards to the new bride & groom---instead of how the stadium lost power for a time! oh no! what now??

if we put any thought into football instead of our wedding, i might not have had to defend my song choice to my sister when she came ranting to me (the only time i think we even talked at the reception at all) because we had the NERVE to have the band play "georgia on my mind"... she demanded to know why i would choose such a song! i reminded her that The Mr. & i have now made our home IN GEORGIA. she looked at me, a little dumbstruck and said "huh. oh, ok. that makes sense. i thought you were doing it because of the game". to which i replied (also a little dumbstruck) "nooooo. not everything revolves around football." then i heard her scoff.

if The Mr. & i only wanted to get married some other season, the same crazy sister might not have been featured on the front page of The State newspaper (sunday edition, no doubt!). this was back in the day when Lou Holtz was coaching. apparently, he held some football clinic for women. and of course my sis went. there was a Q&A session, and the reporter thought it'd be great to feature this as front page news...
my sis was in a discussion w/ lou holtz as to why she shouldn't have to be at our wedding. lou made a joke and said it was his understanding only the bride & groom need attend. and she responded how she'd be sure to miss the bouquet toss.
thanks, sis.
-----oh, and what burns me up even more??? i was never mentioned by name. so anyone reading that had no idea that a-i was getting married & b- my sister was a putz.

if we had decided to marry some other time, our going-away might have been more traditional. you know, wishing the bride & groom well. maybe make a lude comment or 2 in jest. decorate the car with words that didn't say: "go cocks! UGA sucks". or maybe i could've gotten in the car with my new husband and not witnessed the skirmish between crazy sister & some randomass drunk georgia fan as they are fighting for the window pen. i'm pretty sure some dude wrote something on the car before we could get a chance to drive off.

so, this weekend marks the 7th anniversary of that game!
to which i would like to conclude with:



Funky Boss said...

Now wouldn't you have liked to have invited the man from your previous post to our wedding?

Pregnantly Plump said...

Ha ha! At least you have a funny story for your wedding -- nothing boring.
We had an August wedding in Mississippi, mainly because I didn't want to wait a year to get married and also because that was before football season started for my father (he was a coach, so I kind of had to take that into consideration.) I did not think, or honestly even know, that the weekend of our wedding was also the 25th anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley, who was born in my hometown. Luckily, we didn't have too many out of town guests, but it was a little touch and go for hotel rooms for a while there. No one in my family is a nutso Elvis fan, so they didn't chide me for not considering the King. I should have picked an Elvis song for the ceremony, though....

OHmommy said...

Oh, but that adds so much more memories to a wedding. Fun!

whatsabocki said...

best post ever. amen. GO DAWGS.

Tom said...

For the record, I didn't wear the earbuds the WHOLE reception. Haha.

Also, you had no inkling in advance that everyone would be so wrapped up in the game? No way yours is the only wedding that would read just like this - that's Fall weekends in the South - it's like having an outdoor wedding in Seattle and then complaining about the rain because you didn't check the forecast. :)

Also, there's no reason on the face of this planet, including a frustrating wedding experience to ever, ever say Go Daw-- I can't even type it. Haha. :)

Tom said...

Btw, I had forgotten about the Georgia on my Mind song... that's some funny stuff right there. lol.