Friday, October 10, 2008

my first meme

i was tagged by Pregnantly Plump to do a 7 random things about me meme.
i'm of course s'posed to pass it on, but i don't have anyone to tag. soooooo--- if you'd like to share some randomness with me, i'd love to find out 'boutcha.

a year ago, i did my first thursday13 and gave some facts about myself.
here's a little bit more of my randomness:
  1. i sucked my thumb till i was 7. that was my first bad habit. my sis did everything she could to get me to stop, including whacking me w/ a curtain rod. didn't work. did i say i was SEVEN????
  2. i was unable to get braces for my overbite. when i was in college, i looked into it before my insurance ended w/ my parents. however, turns out my lower jaw is too small or something. in order for braces to work, they were going to have to break my jaw & wire it shut for SIX WEEKS. nevermind i wouldn't've enjoyed that torture, i was about to student teach. obv not an option.
  3. i used to have great posture. especially while eating. didja catch that i said "used to"?
  4. The Mr.'s parents complimented my posture. as well as a random waiter one time. i have this random 'curse' that if i've received compliments for something, that particular "talent" comes to a halt. it all goes awry. never understood that about me. my singing voice, my handwriting, my hair, my hands... none of that is compliment-worthy anymore. ???
  5. my 2nd bad habit: i was a horrible nail biter. constantly. i had pretty nails 4x in my life. 2 of those times were fake. the first time i grew them out was for my wedding 6 yrs ago. and i stopped biting them after i got pregnant. once they got strong, i never wanted to bite them again.
  6. my first boyfriend was in 8th grade to a guy whose cousin i knew in selma, al in the 7th grade. (small world)
  7. my first date was in 9th grade & we were together for 2mos,2wks & 2 days.

ummmmmm, i promise- i'm not nearly as pathetic as i sound!


Pregnantly Plump said...

Very interesting! I had a friend who had the breaking jaw surgery. She'd had braces twice and was dead set on having nice teeth. She had a trust fund of some sort and used her own money. We were high school seniors. I visited her in the hospital and she was miserable after the surgery. She did lose weight, since her jaws were wired shut.
And I'm bad. I'll wear my fun socks with sneaks (but only when I'm wearing jeans and they aren't visible.)

AlwaysEvolving said...

Enjoyed reading. How did you break the habit of thumb sucking,just curious.