Saturday, September 6, 2008


isn't rehab typically a 60 day program? well, if so, then consider me rehabilitated.
not that i had very many intentions to the contrary beforehand, but my kid breeding days are over!

i have been a mom for 60 days now.
that's 1,440 hours.
since she's only successfully taken the bottle ONCE, that's over 700 feedings that i have been solely responsible for. grant it, the bottle came from me, so i guess i've been solely responsible for all of them. still. give my boobs a break!
i estimate we have changed over 650 diapers. since she cries all the time she's not held, her most violent cries always end up with the need for a diaper change. sometimes 2.
i estimate that i have held her for 250 hours myself. that probably doesn't count for the countless hours The Mr. holds her when he comes home. of course, if you add up all the feeding time, i've held her way more than that!
of the 86,400 minutes we've been together--- i bet she has cried for 80,000 of them! okay. that is an exaggeration. but ohmigod!

so, you can see that my views weren't unfounded when i wrote about them here.

thanks in advance for the comments that will undoubtedly say: "it will get better"... but i've heard it before. i have lots of fears about what her behavior means/is doing to her. i know it will still be hard. different. but hard.
since i was little, i'd always joked that i'm gonna marry rich so my kid can go to boarding school from 7-18. only, boy--- maybe it wasn't much of a joke.

i fear teenagers. and now that i have a girl- yikes!

i'm sure there will be more posts on the pleasure of being a mom on here, since i can't vent on my other blog...
but i guess they'll have to wait till i can think with any clarity.

bring on day 61.


Pregnantly Plump said...

I'm sorry. I know it's rough. I'm sure Little Elvis fed all of the time (I vaguely remember it, it's weird, but you really do forget) but I was bad and did things while he ate. I ate, or watched TV, or slept or read or played on the computer. Talking on the phone didn't work, but I figured out ways to do other things that made the time pass more easily.
My only advice is that once it is over, you will probably forget how tedious that was.

Lainey-Paney said...

it's hard being a mom.
ever stage has it's challenges, and every stage has it's rewards/benefits.
the benefit at this stage: the baby stays wherever you put her, she doesn't weigh THAT much yet, she can cry--but she can't talk back yet, she's not asking for the latest purse/designer jeans/computer, etc.
The demands at this age: ...too many to post!