Saturday, January 5, 2008

vacation home

with the exciting news i just shared comes a vacation home, of sorts.
i will be posting about our pregnancy adventures & little bean on a separate blog.

i decided i don't really want to share this blog with family... not that i've said anything hurtful, but who knows- this blog will be my outlet for whatever comes my way. however, the easiest way to let people who may care to keep up w/ little bean is to start a blog for that purpose.

unfortunately, blogger attaches both blogs to my profile -- so there goes privacy. and any changes i make on one go to the other....... dumb, right? after lots of complaining and trying to finagle, i had to move to a new site altogether.

i will still update this site for non-baby related thoughts.
anyone who cares to follow up on little bean, please visit!
(and for those blogs that i do read, i will add your links on my new site.... as soon as i figure out how!)

i'll keep my vacation home spotless. come visit anytime!
i'll have a cuppa joe waiting.

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