Thursday, January 10, 2008

still ....

  1. aunt flo, monthly, "that time of the month", etc...
  2. having said types of accidents. in public. w/o a coverup
  3. you have to always be jovial. no bad moods allowed in your life, lest you be accused of #1.
  4. having a zillion accoutrements on the bathroom sink
  5. panty lines
  6. not having any panty lines= undies up your butt (or a thong- same thing)
  7. a normal-looking/average guy can still be attractive. an average looking girl just isn't enough. have you been to the movies lately???
  8. shaving! yeah. we can skip w/o a lot of hassle or evidence, but it's so much more to keep up
  9. if you don't have good hair- well.... then forget it!
  10. expectations of having a kid.
  11. bathing suits.
  12. fear of labor.
  13. labor. (worth mentioning twice!)

hate being a girl!

1 comment:

Pregnantly Plump said...

ok, it's not perfect, but my solution for panty lines is to wear those "suck you in" hose. That way, you can wear regular underwear, and the hose will flatten them down.
Pregnancy hose are not fun, by the way.
Labor is scary, I understand why you put it down twice. It's not bad at all for some women (my cousin's experience was great) so I hope that you are lucky enough to be one of them.