Monday, November 26, 2007

warning- diary like post

i hope all my millions of fans enjoyed their long holiday weekend.
The Mr. & i did as normal... we went to his folks' for lotsa turkey. and continued our friday tradition of indian food and turkey sammiches for dinner.

came home sat. to no traffic. finished more of our plaid wall.
it looks SO good! but anything was an improvement from the color purple they used w/ yellow flower borders....i can't wait to share pictures! and we, er, I watched some impressive college football.

GA/gatech was interesting. lotsa back 'n forth. then the tennessee/kentucky game was unbelieveable! and to top it off, the carolina/clemson game. (go tigers!)
i just kinda got into college football this year. but can you blame me???
how many overtime exciting games have there been? and finally, the polls are dominated not by random teams like oregon, the other usc, ohio state, but by SEC/ACC teams.... (ok, am i just writing to one fan here?)

honestly- didn't expect clemson to win. for those of you who watched, there were tons o' mistakes by USC, and tons more by clemson for not capitalizing ---we never do--- but we won when it counted, a 3 second left field goal they set up very nicely to our kicker.

man, i sound like a man!

so.... a good weekend. then today was back to normal. a long day at work where i'm still just readingreadingreading all kindsa stuff w/ no real guidance on my new job. training myself?? i can't wait for it all to start up so i can feel like i know what i'm doing again.

so, plethora of readers, i hope your thanksgiving kicked off the holiday season very well for you. is it just me, or is this a fun time???



Pregnantly Plump said...

I enjoyed the games as well. Did you happen to see the Arkansas/LSU game? It was just as exciting as the Tenn. game. We also watched my beloved Mississippi State Bulldogs online. I was super upset through the first 3 and half quarters, but they miraculously came back. Congrats on your Tigers win! Hopefully we'll both be able to enjoy bowl games.

Tom said...

Bah humbug.

But y'all did deserve to win that game, that's for sure. A better coached Clemson team would have beaten us by 3 TDs with the mistakes and injuries we had that night... what a sad waste of a season this year...