Sunday, October 28, 2007


Apparently, the policy of ACS (am. cancer soc) is to make the start date 2 weeks after they offer the job. so, instead of starting work tomorrow, i won't start until wednesday.
so, BONUS. i get 2 days off already!!!

i wish i could say i have been doing worthwhile things in these last 2 weeks, but, nah. just the same sorta stuff of the last 4 months.
did i paint the purple room (or furniture) as planned? nope.
does the office look pristine? nope. (much to the Mr.'s chagrin)

but i did wash some baseboards! (can't tell)

i got to stay in touch w/ the teacher-side of me and volunteer at school for my 1st grade team several times.

i also enjoyed last thursday by making dinner for some friends of ours. she wanted to try my chicken paprikas (that's poppycosh for those that have heard us speak the word) and they LOVED it.
2 bottles of wine'll do that to ya.

i've been spending money like a madwoman- i need me some professional clothes for this new profession.

i've been regaling in my new guilt-free laziness. b/c you know, i have a job now. i won't be able to do this much longer.

so, these next 2 days will be spent sleeping late, making dinner from a new recipe, dorkin' around on the computer/ nintendo DS, possibly taking in a movie, and having a lunch feast for tuesday.

and hell, i MIGHT even do a load of laundry (if my drought guilt doesn't kick in)

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Pregnantly Plump said...

That sounds like a very nice plan for your two days of freedom! I've never heard of chicken paprikas. Sounds interesting. I'm quite the recipe experimenter. I love to pull the most obscure ones out of magazines and then use whatever I find in the house that might be close to the ingredient list.
Enjoy your two days off!