Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Likely this will all be a giant rambling. 

the bean missed school today.  again.  she's normally quite healthy.  but, even though she missed tue-fri before thanksgiving break due to having strep throat---  she somehow got it again (?) after having been off of antibiotics a total of 2 days.  

so, for those that are counting, when she goes to school on friday, that will be her 4th day of school in THREE WEEKS.  and yesterday was a field trip!!

The Mr. & i are not big into running to the doctor, nor giving antibiotics unless very necessary.  she's on a stronger one & we ran to the dr without giving it any more time to fester.... just in case.
and in this case it was good to stay home (and run to the dr).

almost every person i have told that she had strep, they ask if her belly hurt.  (??) i didn't know (nor expect) that to be a symptom.  

my only experience with strep throat happened 2 februarys ago.  i seemed to have the flu.  high fever, aches, chills.  i was miserable; and The Mr. was gone.  oh! and i also (always seem to do this) should have gone to the grocery store!  for days i was good for not much.  when i finally went to the dr and they tested me for both the flu & strep, only strep came back positive.  the only symptom i didn't have was a sore throat!!!  
[the bean still talks about that time, because with my being diagnosed with strep, The Mr. wanted me to keep my distance as much as i could (with him being gone).  so she had to put herself to bed.  she still remembers that and remarks how much she didn't like it.  NEITHER DID I]

and now, it seems the bean manifests it differently as well.  but luckily, it doesn't appear to affect her quite as badly. 
in fact, when we went on her 3rd day of being home (and my 1,000th asking what bothers her) i told the dr that headache, fever & belly were the only symptoms.
she never thought to tell me that apparently "something felt stuck in her throat".  which came up after they rammed the throat stick for the culture and she wouldn't get over it and said that it's because her throat hurts.  WHAT???

anyways- 1 dose of antibiotic and the next morning fever, headache & belly were perfect.  still couldn't go to school.  
she was missing a very fun week before the holiday break.  

so we have high hopes that today's vague symptoms will be curtailed with the one dose of antibiotics as well and she can get back to school on friday!

(3rd grade is hard!!!  but that's a whole nother rant into itself)

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