Sunday, January 3, 2016

so anyway

for whatever reason, i have let all blogging go, apparently.
and i know that it's highly unlikely anyone will even see this post now.  but that is fine because i wanted to document it so i wouldn't forget all about it.
it's good for me to remind myself of things.

this is not something i can even really share out loud with my friends because it comes off as way too braggy.  it is not intended to be that way at all; but i need to just remember how awesome my daughter is!

just like all kids- she is beautiful.  she is smart.  she is hilarious.  she is loving.
and i need to remember in particular just how much she is all of these things.
all of my friends love her to death and tell me how neat she is.  this wouldn't come as any big shock to anyone who knows her.

one thing i can't share out loud is what a remarkable writer she is becoming.  at the beginning of the school year, i learned that she is one of only 6 in all of 2nd grade who was as prolific of a writer as they want her to be by the END of 2nd grade.  they determined this based on a piece given to them in august.  they counted word length and vocabulary use/sentence structure...  all that teacher-y stuff.
i saw the sample and wasn't terribly impressed; but at the same time was impressed that THEY were impressed.
well apparently it continued to bloom because she came home with a graded piece the other day that knocked my socks off.  she got a perfect score on it.  it was a piece where she had to either pretend to be a settler or a native american who came to Mary Musgrove's trading post.  she had to use some words from a word bank- which i imagine helped direct the kids into a thought.

for those not familiar with teacher-y things; this already seems to be a difficult assignment.  it would be quite difficult to pretend to be in a historical time and write in that point of view.  let alone needing to be accurate in facts. 

the bean took to this assignment and went with it.  completely.  i began reading it and was all "what? that didn't happen" because it started out with the words "My dad killed a deer."  then i kept reading and thought surely she was copying something so they could understand about this time.  then i got to where it read "a breeze was cool on my face"  and "the line was short so I didn't have to wait long." and i was flabbergasted.  the actual assignment was stapled behind all this; so it was awesome to read first then see.
i asked her which words on the word bank she used (that was in part of the grading) and they were simple words like "trade" and "Mary Musgrove"

i have never seen her write like that.  i have never seen any of my students write like that.
with the ability to "transport" the reader.
it was awesome.
she is awesome!

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