Saturday, February 28, 2015


it is apparent that i turn the little ones in my life lazy.  or snuggly.  however you wanna look at it. 

the bean who used to flail out of any cover ever now knows exactly how to snuggle into them with me.  and we start each morning before school with 15minutes of just that!
yiminy, who was never a lap-cat before, has certainly learned how to. he mainly comes when i call and i can usually get him to snuggle with me.  or then there's times he finds my belly and just plops right down.
(sadly, all that became more prevalent after we lost sweet Doh)
then NC ("neighbor's cat") who spent a year and a half campaigning to come into our house routinely shows her appreciation.  when she sees me sitting down, she comes to snuggle.  not only snuggle, but she will butt up against my leg and glue herself to me and puuuurrrrrrrrr

all this becomes a problem because i can't stand to disturb a good snuggle!   

my day is turned around and dependent on a good one.

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