Monday, July 4, 2011

day 4

drowsiness- 2.5 (see insominia from yesterday--- i got about 4 hours of sleep)
nausea- 1.5 (at times). was that just a general i feel crappy b/c of the bad nite feel?
dry mouth- 1
libido- 2. probly could be higher if i weren't as zapped.

i will say i had a semi-persistent headache of sorts today. at the base of my neck, as if i needed something to hold & relax my head. pills or crap-nite?

ok... i left insomnia open b/c i keep getting myself confused. since i take my pill in the evening, i'm kinda a day behind in my reporting. but it's hard for me to keep up. so i think i'll see where this gets me, because it is actually day 4 today on the 4th.
hope yours was HAPPY!

we enjoyed some time at the pool, and as i type this i'm listening to a wonderful summer storm.

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