Thursday, January 14, 2010


my mom & i used to have a "thing" where we both shared the odd things we noticed about the english language. over the years, i would get a forwarded email or hear about something & i always enjoyed sharing it with her.

you know some of the emails... count the Fs, anagrams, the one where evreythign is splld fnny but yuo can stll raed it, and other idiosyncrasies as they've popped up.

we've always said how funky the english language is. and that becomes more and more evident now that i have a baby! from the get-go, i noticed how ridiculous it is while naming body parts... eyes. ears. hands. nose.

wait. there's one nose. not 2..... and nose sounds like toes. which there are 10 of. hmmmmm

now that thelittlebean is talking (a lot!), it's kinda hard to differentiate for her some pretty basic things. such as:

  • how an orange is called an orange. but apples are green, yellow & red. and sometimes to a small tyke can look like an orange, especially in that one picture book where they got the roundest apple they could find with the shortest stem. but they're not orange. and they're called apples, not "reds"

  • when i'm cooking i'm not offering her a cookie. nor am i offering a cookie when i ask her too cook like mommy is.

  • the difference between clothes & close. ---the door, not proximity. you see?? so wow. the english language will only get harder once i also teach her how to spell!

if you're interested in knowing more about the bean's language skills, please pop on over! we love visitors. [and i didn't want to double-post for those few readers that read both of my blogs]


Pregnantly Plump said...

I'm dreading the whole spelling thing when it comes about. Not this is exactly the same thing, but Little Elvis always closes his eyes when I ask him to close his mouth while chewing.

El Cheese said...

no kidding! i've been struggling as an english major with my daughter trying to understand past and present tenses. "i get this from daddy" instead of got... oh the joys!

Lainey-Paney said...

Oh, yes.
I remember a huge mixup about some phrases when I was little.
When I heard that the neighbor "jumped all over" my biological father about an issue, and he told her, "get off my back"---I thought she ASSAULTED my father.
So I went over & stomped her newly planted bushes, and then I got in trouble. I thought I was defending him!