Saturday, May 31, 2008

out of touch

*whew! my relays are over. that's been nice. it seemed to be timed fairly well b/c now i'm so very zapped. and uncomfortable at times. i'm glad i am not staying up all night for work.

however, i'm still so out of touch w/ what i should be doing---- excercise, anyone? ha! can't even walk a flight of stairs, much less 1/4 of my n'hood. how bout them veggies? yeah. how bout 'em??
god it's a miracle little bean is thriving!

but it's not just me that's been out of touch.
my darling The Mr. has been as well... he left last week for a 2 week stint in maastricht, holland on business. & this time he's been fortunate to go w/ a co-worker friend of his. they're living it up.
he thinks i'm mad at him b/c he's out everynight. actually, he doesn't even understand that w/ the 6 hour time difference, it's difficult to have a conversation w/ him if he gets home at midnight!! every. single. night.
he has been working soooo incredibly hard! this project has got him zapped as well. but he's doing great at it! he's like a one-man show!!! & they all know it. (and work him death b/c of it). so i understand he needs his downtime. b/c on the weekends, he's taking care of house chores and lawn and pool and the "kittens".

but he just hasn't realized that i'm over here. about 8 months pregnant. missing The Mr. and NOT having the time of my life. I AM the one who loves to travel. it's me that wants to soak up everything he's doing. not b/c i'm going to fight with him.... but b/c i've never experienced holland before!!!

doesn't help that he doesn't have cell coverage, so we can't talk just any ol' time. basically, i'm on his time. and that's usually a rather quick i-m since it's so late.
i'll leave him daily emails to catch him up on his life back home, or things i'm doing..... but that's no fun compared to the fun he's been having.

so, we're very much out of touch right now.
& that breaks my heart.... b/c we're losing precious time together as it is......

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Pregnantly Plump said...

Oh. I'm so sorry. I know that's hard. He's having fun, and you're happy that he's doing well, but you want to as well. Hopefully the trip will be over soon! Or maybe it is, since I'm way behind on reading.
Glad all of your relays are over and you now have time to breathe!