Tuesday, March 25, 2008

say la v

so much for them tigers. i also guess i shouldn'ta picked uconn to win the whole thing!

so, The Mr. & i have a little wager.
problem is: we can't come up w/ anything to wager. he already doesn't want much out of life; and he gives me anything i can want.

he wants me to get up w/ the "kittens" one morning, but he doesn't listen/understand that that is nothing i can actually control. i said i would if he nudged me, but he doesn't want that...

closest thing i can think is to give me a whole saturday w/o complaining.... if i want to go into the "big city, pa!" then we can. if i want to spend the whole morning in bed, we can.... but i know full well that he doesn't want these things, and likely i'll just say nevermind.
just like the Relay For Life yard sale i was going to have this weekend.

we suck.
ce la vie.


Pregnantly Plump said...

We usually do little bets with our brackets as well, but didn't this year. Typically they involve going to a Chinese buffet if Bob wins (I HATE Chinese buffets and am allergic to most Chinese food.) If I win it changes, one year I wanted to go rock climbing. I won the brackets, but never bothered to set it up. I'm no help, but maybe you could let him order pizza if he wins? (you hate pizza, right?)

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